Class Association

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We are a highly active Class Association, run by Elite sailors and enjoying the close co-operation of RS Sailing, the manufacturer.

And we're a passionate bunch - most of us have sailed for years in all sorts of boats and now truly love racing our Elites. You'll find a list of Contacts on this site and you're welcome to contact us for more information about the boat, events or any other aspect of RS Elite sailing.

The Association is responsible for event planning, maintenance of Class Rules, Class communications (including this website) and all other aspects that allow every Elite owner and crew member to enjoy their boat.  It is, therefore, crucial that all Elite sailors support this Class Association by joining. Please click here

While sailing is the key point of any race or regatta, our RS Elite crowd do seem to have developed quite a sociable reputation. Epitomised by the large Irish contingent who frequent all the main Elite events, you can be sure of a great time ashore - whether or you've not come back with the chocolates on the water!

For more information and class rules etc please click on THIS LINK