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 RS Elite Background

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The RS Elite was commissioned and born by a group of sailors from Hayling Island Sailing Club - (on the South coast of England, just to the East of Portsmouth). Twelve boats were ordered from Hayling Island Sailing Club syndicates and a Class Association was formed to represent the interests of initial and future owners, both at HISC and elsewhere.

The fleet is promoted as the 'Modern, classic keelboat for the discerning sailor'. It is non hiking, and although fast, it is not a sportsboat. When drawing up the specification for the boat it was labelled as a 'classic for the 21st Century'. This has undoubtedly been achieved. 

The design brief was for a boat which was suitable to sail inside Chichester harbour, with its shoal waters and yet to be equally at home in Hayling Bay (often very choppy), and similar waters throughout the UK and beyond.

Since its beginnings in 2004 the enthusiasm for the boat has spread within the UK and beyond. There are now fleets at the Royal Burnham Yacht Club, Falmouth, Northern Ireland (Belfast Lough), Eire, Lymington, Hayling Island, Royal Yacht Squadron and there are groups of boats in Guernsey, Holland, Norway, Sweden and the Caribbean. In total over 103 boats have been built by late 2016.

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Back in 2004 John Hooper invited RS to come to Burnham and show off there brand new Elite class keel boat which was duly moored on the pontoon for all to try.                                                Adrian Olsen remembers it was in September that year and he had just stepped off his RBOD and was immediately taken by the look of this boat and duly went for a trial sail and apparently it was love at first site, this boat was fast, very manoeuvrable, relatively cheap to run and had a self taking jib which was jusy perfect for our river. Others obviously tried and liked the boat and a plan was hatched using the Clyde Cooper fund to buy 7 boats via an interest free loan. The initial fleet duly arrived in 2005 and was comprised as follows:-


Octavia-18        Johnny James

Outlaw-21        Mike Patten

Excalibur-22   Adrien Olsen

No Riff Raff


Matterhorn Jack

More boats arrived in 2006 which were:-

Grand Slam-31      Gareth Davies

Flo-34                     Angus Bates

Aeolus-34              David Brown

Oink Squeal-48    David Wood


Burnham proudly hosted the National Championships in 2008 after which several boats came and went but the fleet began to slowly shrink despite the popularity of the Elite in other fleets. Burnham again hosted the NationalChampionships in 2014 which was very succesful and we saw the arrival of Serious Moonlight and Anduril in 2016, also the re launch of Outlaw as a charter boat. 2017 Is shaping up very nicely with the arrival a new boat for Neil Fulcher formerly of Stone Sailing Club.