RBOD Class - Technical Clarification

This page will contain a collection of the technical posts and also links to the formal technical documents. As such it may also contain links to some of the measurements, etc.

The way to get anything onto this page would be to create a post - make sure it is classified as RBOD an Technical - it will then appear on this page in date order - latest first. If you want a picture next to the summary - then ensure you add a featured image. We could force this to show the first picture in the post - but that is not always desirable.


Latest Announcements & News

This technical note confirms the appointment of Rory Macnamara as Class Measurer and provides clarification of the following Class Rules 1. Jib sheet leads.  2. Jib luff – rope or wire. 3. Cleats.  4. Mainsheet Horse. 5. Crane for spinnaker halyard. 6. Weighing the boats. Download the ...

One of the roles of the RBOD Technical Committee is to respond to questions regarding interpretation of the current RBOD Class rules. Owners or Charterers who have such questions should email them to the RBOD Class Secretary (secretary@rbodclass.co.uk ). The questions ...