RBOD Class – BLUE JACKET Restoration & Fund-Raising lunch

With the RBOD fundraising lunch just 4 weeks away (Sunday 26 February @ RBYC) it is a good time to provide an update on the restoration of BLUE JACKET where the much needed funds will be put to good use. (BLUE JACKET was owned for many years by David Beale, 'The Wily Fox' who was very hard to beat in light airs).
The photos give an idea of the enormous number of man-hours that Alec Shelley and Ticker Cable have put into the restoration which is now entering the final stages. When completed BLUE JACKET will be virtually as new and the marine equivalent of Trigger's broom. She will be the latest RBOD to emerge from the very successful restoration programme which relies on the generosity of the supporters who, over the years, have kindly dug deep to help preserve this iconic local class.
Please do you best to come to the lunch on Sunday 26 February at the RBYC where you will have a fantastic meal, great entertainment and the opportunity to bid for some highly desirable lots on offer from Ant & 4Deck; the auctioneers Sothebys failed to employ.   Reserve your place by booking in with the Club info@rbyc.org.uk


P1000109 P1000112 P1000113 P1000114 P1000116 P1000117 P1000118 P1090090 P1000120 P1000108 David Beale

RBOD Class – on your marks for the 85th season

Greetings all

I trust you are all wintering well and are looking forward to a distraction from Brexit, Trump, exchange rates,etc etc. Well, as always your timeless, ever-reliable RBOD Class can offer relief by replacing Hacking and Fracking with Tacking, snacking and drinking (almost worked).
Not only are we now in the 85th year of the Class that still acts as a teenager but it is ONLY 15 years until the CENTENARY. Those of you who have survived the 60th, 70th, 75th and 80th Anniversary celebrations can imagine the 100th which will be bigger than big big. We have already reserved the organisers of the London New Years Eve firework display and asked them to put on a much more impressive display suitable for this landmark event.
Back to the present..... We start this years reporting by introducing you to the RBOD Officers who will guide the fleet through calm and choppy waters and crowded bars throughout the coming year (or longer if they don't escape office).
Class Captain David Smith
Owner of two Classic yachts - AMANDA and ALMITA and part owner of another that can't be mentioned before the watershed
David Smith RBOD Class Captain

David Smith - Class Captain

 Vice Captain Steve Herring
Co-Owner of RED JACKET, keeping up the longest standing family ownership of an RBOD - 85 years in the Herring family

Steve Herring - Vice Captain

Class President
Martin Smith AKA The Guardian of the fleet who is responsible for the existence today of 22 race-ready RBODs
Martin Smith - Class President

Martin Smith - Class President


 Class Vice President Will Dallimore
Co-Owner of MANDARIN AKA William of Orange. Related to the designer so go easy on the comments when he is in earshot
Will Dallimore - Vice President

Will Dallimore - Class Vice President

Class Secretary Sylv Hastwell

The Class Secretary holds it all together and is required to have a Master's degree in herding cats
Sylve Hastwell - Class Secretary

Sylv Hastwell - Class Secretary

Class Scrutineer Rory Macnamara
Rory ensures an acceptable level of one-design-ness in the fleet full of individual characters.
Rory Macnamara- Class Scruitineer

Rory Macnamara- Class Scrutineer

SAVE THE DATE - 26 February - the amazing RBOD Lunch and Auction - full details in the next blog

RBYC Prizegiving – The RBOD Class winners

With Storm Angus bearing down on the UK, the RBYC battened down the hatches and settled in for a good night at the 2016 Prize-Giving dinner. An excellent night was had by all and our roving photograper managed to catch most of the RBOD winners before they became overcome by the emotion of the occasion. Thankfully acceptance speeches are not permitted although this could be entertaining provided the attendees were ready for a 12 hour marathon.

WHITE ROSE dominated the 2016 season and success seems to have gone to Chip's head

Very well done to not just the winners but to all those participating in the 84th RBOD season both on and off the water. The RBOD Class goes from strength to strength and we approach the 85th season in robust health thanks to the dedicated owners, crews, supporters and donors who have been instrumental in the journey to return the fleet to it's former glory. There is still work to do but we are in great shape to make the final push to the holy grail of getting all the surviving boats on the water. The vision of replacing the missing 23rd RBOD often surfaces late in the evening when Max's Specials make everything possible but more of this in a subsequent post.

Technical Clarification 1

One of the roles of the RBOD Technical Committee is to respond to questions regarding interpretation of the current RBOD Class rules. Owners or Charterers who have such questions should email them to the RBOD Class Secretary (secretary@rbodclass.co.uk ).

The questions will be answered by the Technical Committee via a Technical Clarification Note which will be circulated to all Owners/Charterers and posted on the RBOD website.

These Clarification Notes will also be used to provide guidance on the implementation of new rules that have been approved at the AGM or EGM.

Download note here RBOD Technical Clarification Note No. 1 (30 Nov 14)

Interesting Week ahead

Wednesday 27th January 2016

This week we have a lot going on, a Private Dinner in the Library on Friday evening, a Private Party at the Club on Saturday evening, with Meetings & Lunch on Sunday!!

Saturday evening the bar will be open to members with the River Room as a Private Members Lounge. Continue...