RBOD Itchenor

The Itchenor Sailing Club XOD team mobilised last weekend for the annual team race against the RBOD fleet - this year an away event for the XODs who entered Essex from the Dartford tunnel with military precision, expertly marshalled by Bill 'The Spreadsheet' Barnes. The RBYC had ordered extra supplies for the visitors who traditionally enjoy tea and cakes after racing - a novel concept which seems not to have gained any traction in the RBOD fleet as yet.

A good turnout of RBODs for the Saturday points series enabled the visitors to join in the racing and even field 2 full crews to coax rather weedy BERYL & WHIMBREL around the course. A range of cakes were provided after racing with the centrepiece marking 85 years of racing XODs at Itchenor; neatly sharing the 85th anniversary of the birth of the RBOD Class.  One visiting team member (identity withheld but sharing the name of the RBOD Class Captain) was persuaded to ignore team orders and enjoy a beer after racing. We hope any subsequent punishment meted out by the Cake Police was not too severe.
The third in the series of RBOD parties was held on Saturday evening when a lively crowd enjoyed an excellent dinner followed by dancing and the obligatory Max's Specials. Thanks to AMANDA, ARIEL, VICTORIA and MANDARIN for funding the drinks and band and particular thanks to Party-Barty for pulling it all together. The Itchenor team achieved an early victory with 100% attendance on the dance floor, leaving the RBODs to press-gang from the bar in an effort to compete with the dominant XOD dancing Kings and Queens..
A misty Sunday morning did not bode well for the team racing, but Race Officer Chris Slatter and his team did an excellent job despite the fickle wind and the 3 race series was completed as planned. The visitors got off to a strong start with the ISC securing a first place in ONYX supported by a second and fourth which gave them a convincing win. The RBODs were now on the back foot but managed to fight back in race 2 with a 1,3,4 making it one-all going into the deciding race. Things were looking very good for the visitors as RBOD boats RED JACKET and MANDARIN tacked towards the north shore into a substantial hole, achieving a very solid 7th and 8th losing position. Apparently the leading RBOD helm Paul Taylor's opinion of his team mates tactics was overheard and was not for broadcast before the watershed. However, Lady Luck came to the rescue of the struggling tail-enders and lifting pressure materialised inshore and the tables were turned, giving the RBODs a get-out-of-jail card and a 2,3,4 to take the series by the narrowest margin. Full credit goes to the Itchenor sailors who gave he RBODs a serious challenge in the most difficult conditions.
After a very enjoyable carvery lunch the prize-giving was held but improvisation was required as the trophy was nowhere to be found. Visiting team Captain David MacGregor graciously handed over a virtual trophy in the form of a photograph from the RBYC trophy book. Discussions continued over coffee as hazy recollections of previous events were shared in the quest to find the elusive trophy http://rbyc.org.uk/results/trophies/?trophy=124. It is hoped over the next 12 months the silverware will be located in time for the return match in Itchenor.
Many thanks to all involved in the event and we look forward to heading south next year to defend the Scarlet Pimpernel trophy.

RBYC Cadet Week 2017 results

For results of RBYC Cadet Week 2017, and the list of trophy winners, go to our Cadet Week page.

Cadet Week page

Report of the week to be published shortly, but in the meantime visit the RBYC Cadets Facebook page where you will find day-by-day reports and photographs.

Link to: RBYC Cadets Facebook page

Diary date: RBYC Cadet Week 2018, 11th to 17th August 2018

We will be sending out a feedback survey shortly to let you help us decide whether you would prefer the Saturday to Thursday format adopted this year, or would prefer the Sunday to Friday schedule. We welcome all feedback - Watch this space ....

Cadet Week 2016 Report

What an epic Cadet Week 2016 with tons of wind, tons of sun and most importantly tons of smiles – if we could bottle the warm, fluffy feeling we all had inside we would!  We welcomed old faces as well as new friends from our neighbouring clubs at the BSC and the RCYC and were thrilled to have numbers up 30% on 2015 – quite an achievement.  Racing on the river was keen and hotly contested and our sailors on the pond also did themselves proud, with everyone learning loads, from wind direction to knot tying and even real-life racing!

Every Cadet was a star – our teams (Orange, Blue, Pink and Green) bonded over a spot of healthy competition and threw themselves into all our off-water shenanigans – from an exceptional Fancy Dress Parade won by The Cardinal Buoys (the Murphy/Wright clan), a smashing Cadet Week’s Got Talent with a host of entries and some really exceptional performances our Cadets put on our extraordinary show.  The on-water Treasure Hunt and our Games afternoon kindly hosted by the Wood/Beale families at Sheepcotes Farm were similarly competitive – and for the second year running Alice Wood and Hannah Tucker’s Orange team triumphed as team winners, proving the adage that practice makes perfect, Under The Sea….

Our BBQ fundraiser was once again incredibly well-attended with 100 diners tucking into a fabulous meat feast, cooked to perfection by our fabulous Cadet parents, who also provided top-notch salads and puddings.  With prizes donated by our very generous sponsors (name check below) we raised around £2,000, which we will be using to ensure RBOD Belinda is afloat for the Cadets to use in the fleet’s 85th Birthday Celebrations next year, as well as buy vital new safety equipment on the Pond including new helmets.  We are so grateful to everyone who donated their valuable time (and cash) to help out.

Quick (actually quite long) name check – thank you to: Fambridge Yacht Haven, Barton Marine, Pro-Boat, Musto, Indian Fire Bowl Company, Church and Hawes, Springfield Autocare & Car Sales, Dolphin Sails, Secret Butchers, Hill Piling, The Oyster Smack, Old Salt Loft, Taywell Scott, The RBOD Fleet, Hills Prospect, Blush Beauty, Bella’s Italian Bistro, The Jolly Fryer, Mecoy, The Lovely Shop, The Limes, Essex Embroidery & Print, Yachting Solutions, Cabana Soft Drinks, Grey Simmons, Jane Pycroft-Tritton, The Commodore, Crouch Ridge Vineyard, Landrover BAR, Rosemary Kembal, HeadCase, Emma & Stuart Robinson and Nick Wood.  And also to our supporters at Winenet and R.J. Prior & Son.

The Friday night prize giving was a wonderful affair – with the Cadets looking mighty fine in their formal wear and a host of prizes dispensed to some worthy winners. Early in the day the new Cadet Committee was elected and is published below – good luck to the new Cadet Captain Jack Polturak and thank you to our amazing outgoing Captain Harry Cole who charmed us with his speech.

There are other dates for your diary which will be published  soon, but here is the date you’ve all been waiting for:

CADET WEEK 2017 – Saturday 19 to Thursday 24 August!  For a host of reasons, including another event taking our normal slot, we will be starting next Cadet Week on a Saturday – with registration in the afternoon.  Put the date on your calendar/smartphone/scrap of A4 so you don’t forget and we’ll bring you a full schedule next year. Needless to say, it’s going to be awesome.

Here are the 2016 Cadet Week prizewinners!

Pond (Purple Group)        
The Happy Trophy: Amelia Kilgour
Endeavour on the Pond: Louis Martin
First to Capsize: James Martin
Best Junior Cadet: Molly Burden
Coaches Trophy: Natasha Adkins
Most Improved Sailor of the Year: Harriet George
Most Improved Sailor of the Week: Joslyn Berry and Charlie Rawling
Pond Race Results (overall winner): Rory Martin (Stars)
Pond Group Race Winner Hearts: James Martin
Pond Group Race Smiley Faces: Alice Bird
Pond Group Race Diamonds: Olivia Burn

Optimist Fleet Race Group River
1st Overall Trophy: Angus Beale
2nd: Harry Courts
1st Year on River Racing Trophy: Sebastian Batchelor-Walsh
Most improved Teaser Cup: Arthur Sturmer
Optimist Long Distance Race: Angus Beale

W Ritchie Tankard (overall points): Amy Robinson
Scow Crew Tankard (first crew): Bella Warren
Laughton Cup (1st Long Distance): Amy Robinson, Bella Warren and William Sturmer
Perren Pot (Best Kept Scow): Raffles 445 Amy Robinson and Bella Warren
1st Traditional Scow ‘Bigmore Scow': Amy Robinson and Bella Warren

RS Feva         
Feva week's points ‘Margaret Galloway Trophy’: Alice Wood and Arthur Brown
2nd overall: Freddie Pitcher and Jack Robinson
3rd overall: Hannah Tucker and Natasha Skeens
Long Distance ‘Westcliff Trophy’ Winner: Mary Harris and Ella Morgan
2nd: Henry Dean and Harvey Minks
3rd: Rory Cole and Max Manders

Other Dinghy          
Laser Trophy (Best Dinghy Performance): Jack Polturak
Topper Trophy  (1st Topper): Charlie Tucker
Mirror Crew Awards 1st: Henry Miller-Wood and Thomas Courts
Handicap Long Distance 1st Overall: Charlie Tucker
RBOD Long Distance 1st: Phalarope, Arthur Brown and crew

Special Prizes         
RBYC Crabbing Cup (crabbing competition): Natasha & Olivia Adkins & Alisha Clark (29 Crabs)
Youngest Sailor on The River: William Sturmer
Ladies Cup 196 (Best Ladies Performance): Alice Wood
RBODs Cadets Challenge Trophy (1st helm Cadets in RBODs): Louis Polturak (Red Jacket)
Dallimore Cup (runner up Cadets in RBODs): Harry Cole (White Rose)
Ali Law Trophy (2nd boat in largest fleet): Freddie Pitcher and Jack Robinson
Best Crew: Jack Robinson
Best Aunty: Jack Polturak
Polturak Pot: Will Sturmer
McKinley Mourchon: Jessica Hawkins
Progress Cup: Toby Warren
Heathcote Endeavour: Jos Tritton
Shamus Young Trophy: Louis Polturak

Team Points – ‘Grays Simmonds Salver’
1st: Orange Team (37)
2nd Pink Team (35)
3rd Green Team (31)
4th Blue Team (27 points)

Cadet Week 2017 – Trophy Winners

RBYC Cadet Week Prizegiving 2017
Pond (Purple Group) The Happy Trophy chosen by senior cadet Beatrice Long
The Happy Trophy (runner up) Teddy Kilgour and Louis Martin
Endeavour on the Pond chosen by senior cadet Matilda Spring
Endeavour on the Pond (runner up) Ben George
First to fall in (certifcate) Vikram Hancock
Best Junior Cadet Charlie Birchall
Coaches Trophy James Martin and Harry Daniels
Most Improved Pond Sailor of the Year Alice Bird
Most Improved Pond Sailor of the Week Rishi Hancock and Oliver O'Brien
Pond Race Results (overall winner) Rory Martin
First to capsize Ed Mellish
Optimist Fleet Race Group 1st overall Trophy 3rd Lucie Prior
2nd Harriet George
First overall Arthur Sturmer
1st Year on River Racing Trophy first overall Harriet George
Most improved Teaser Cup Sebastian Batchelor-Walsh
Optimist Long Distance 3rd Sebastian Batchelor-Walsh
2nd Harriet George
Optimist Long Distance Arthur Sturmer
Scows Laughton Cup (1st Long Distance) 1st Mary Harris and Bella Warren
RS Feva 3rd overall James Pitcher and Arthur Brown
2nd overall Hannah Tucker and Amy Robinson
Margaret Galloway Trophy (Feva week's points) 1st overall Freddie Pitcher and Charlie Corbett
Westcliff Trophy 3rd Toby Warren and Amy Robinson
2nd Rory Cole and Max Manders
1st Long Distance Charlie Harris and Robert Pleasance
Dinghy Handicap Overall week's points 3rd Henry Dean
2nd Jack Tucker
Laser Trophy (Best Dinghy Performance) 1st Jack Polturak
Topper Trophy 1st Henry Dean
Handicap Long Distance 3rd RS200 Scott Ellis and Henry Bean
2nd Topper Charlie Tucker
1st overall Laser 4.7 Jack Tucker
RBOD Long Distance 1st Arthur Brown, Will Sturmer, Louis Martin, James Pitcher and Josh Hobday in Beryl
Special Prizes RBYC Crabbing Cup (crabbing competition) 58 CRABS Lucie Prior, Amelia Burden, Molly Burden, Macey Mecoy and Oliver Burn
Fancy Dress - Solo Xander Taylor
Fancy Dress - Group Amelia Kilgour, Teddy Kilgour and Charlie Rawling
Youngest Sailor on The River Molly Burden
Ladies Cup 196 (Best Ladies Performance) Hannah Tucker
RBODs Cadets Challenge Trophy (1st helm Cadets in RBODs) Harry Cole (White Rose)
Dallimore Cup (runner up Cadets in RBODs) Arthur Brown (Mandarin)
Ali Law Trophy (2nd boat in largest fleet) Harriet George
Special (discretionary) Best Crew (nominated by cadets) Harvey Minks
Best Aunty (nominated by younger cadets) Mary Harris
McKinley Mourchon (best first year cadet) Hugo Levett
Progress Cup (most 'progress' in the week) Angus Beale
Heathcote Endeavour (Endeavour) Charlie Levett
Stokes Scow (services to the RBYC Cadets) Jack Warry
Shamus Young Trophy (epitomises Cadet ethos) Arthur Brown
Team Points Grays Simmonds Salver 4th GREEN Max Manders and Amy Robinson
3rd BLUE Izzy Hobday and Arthur Brown
2nd PINK Tish Skeens and Josh Hobday
1st ORANGE  Alice Wood and Hannah Tucker

Optimist Class – Long Distance Race

1st Arthur Sturmer

2nd Harriet George

3rd Sebastian Batchelor-Walsh

4th Lily Root

And finishing places under the X flag (as amended) go to: Charlie Rawling, Charlie Levett, Olivia Burn, Joslyn Berry, Amelia Burden, Lucie Prior and Amelia Kilgour.

Weekly News from the RBYC

Podium Place for Roy .... Yet more good news from the waterfront!  Travelling abroad is becoming the big thing, and we have heard that Roy Hart also made the wet and windy crossing of the Thames estuary to compete in the Swale Barge Match in his 19ft gaffer 'Greensleeves', again securing a place on the podium. Well done!

Update on Red Diesel .... Looking further afield, it would seem that the Belgian government has decided that there will be no further fines levied on British flagged vessels carrying red diesel until a planned meeting of the EU Committee on Excise Duty on the 18th September. For the next 6 weeks it appears that Ostende can be back on the itinerary for the cruising fraternity.

This week's specials ... As already reported, it is a quiet week in the Club, with no formal functions planned for this weekend.

Our specials this week have a distinct Asian flavour:-

  • Lamb Rogan Josh, and
  • Vegetable Curry (Butternut Squash, Spinach and Chickpea)

both served with rice and the usual curry accompaniments of Poppadoms, Chutney and home made Onion Bhaji. Just the thing for this wonderful summer weather we are enjoying!

Then, it's onwards and upwards towards Cadet Week!

Cadet Week programme on the webiste ... the full Cadet Week programme is available on the website. Paper copies will be available in the club and at registration for all competitors, but if you want a preview, please link to RBYC Cadet Week full programme 2017