Cadets - Info

Our RBYC Cadet programme is not as extensive as the some of the junior programmes run by other clubs on the river, but we aim to provide a general introduction to the sport, whereby our youngster will become 'sailors for life'.

We generally run sessions every other Sunday. This might be on the pond or racing on the river or training on the river. And then - Cadet Week - which is the highlight of our sailing year.

Although our sailors are a little more relaxed that the potential Ben Ainslies of this world, some of them progress to great things afloat. Our aim is ensure they really enjoy the experience and to this end, they embrace the social side of sailing as well as the on-water activities, as do their parents! If they want to take racing seriously, they will end up doing joining other club as well, and then possibly on to the next level, wherever that takes them! Historically, we find a lot of our ex-Cadets end up crewing on keelboats and end up with a passion for the sport that can often open doors anywhere in the world! Three of our ex-Cadets are Atlantic rowers and there is little doubt that there passion for the water started here at the RBYC.

You will find our provisional programme on this website.  You will see RB Cadet events including an Easter Egg Hunt and the Clare Series (racing where we encourage younger children with coached races, adults or older Cadets with a younger crew, basically anyone else who would like to join in). Pond Sundays are provisionally on the calendar - we use the farmer's pond over at Ratsborough for a gentle introduction, and we have also training sessions on the river.

The river training is open to our members, and although there are opportunities to join in with our Pond sessions as non-members, we look long-term to encourage those who wish to part take in the training to become members, but we have set a non-members daily rate, for those who would like to come along and see what we do.

Cadet Week is a phenomenal week (this year, 19th to 24th August), and we pride ourselves on making it fun for the whole family, from the smallest child, teenagers, the parents, godparents, aunts, uncles etc, through to the grandparents. It embraces social and sailing activities at lots of levels, and we welcome non-members from visiting club.

Our Cadet membership fits into two categories: mini Cadet (0 to 10 years) and Cadet (11 to 17 years). The subscription for a Cadet is £75 per year, and a mini Cadets is free of charge, however, our rules mean that we would expect a parent or guardian who proposes the child for membership to be responsible for them at the club, and this parent or guardian MUST be a full member of the club. The subscription for full member is £34.75 per month from 1st April.

We have two club Optimists available for members use on the river and six Optimists for use on the pond. For details of the condition of use for the river optimists please see Conditions for Use of RBYC Cadets' club boats on the river document.